ElecPlus Gen 1 Smart Meter - Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below the Frequently Asked Questions for our Elec1E solution:


How Can I Add Credit To My Meter?

You may add credit to your Elec1E meter through the following mechanisms:

Cash: Any PayPoint store across the country, simply take your cash value and payment card to the store and ask them to add credit.

Debit Card/Credit Card: You can top up online at this link, or you can call us on 0345 4707 222 (please note that there is a minimum £25 top up over the telephone).


How Do I Enter My Credit?

To enter your credit onto the meter, find your Vend Code that has either been printed on your PayPoint receipt or has been emailed across.

Go to your meter and press the "*" [Star] button, then enter the vend code as one long code and then at the end of the code press the "#" [Hash] button.


I Have Topped Up, But My Electricity Has Not Come Back On?

Firstly, please check your Credit Balance on meter in case you have used your Emergency or Friendly Credit. You will need to make sure that your balance is greater than £1 on the meter to ensure that your electricity can be restored.

If you have also just topped up, please ensure that your latest payment is on the meter by checking the balance.

If you lost power before you added further credit, then please hold down the "0" [Zero] button for 5 seconds and release. This is a safety feature to ensure your electricity does not come back on whilst you are out of the property and you had electrical appliances on.


I Have Got a 40 or 60 Digit Vend Code, Is This Normal?

Yes, this is absolutely normal and only occurs occasionally during the year.


How Do I Enter a 40 or 60 Digit Vend Code Manually?

If you receive a 40 or 60 digit vend code, please enter this exactly like a 20 digit vend, as one long code with no spaces.


My Payment Card Won't Scan In The Shop?

If your payment card won't scan in the shop, please ask the cashier to manually enter the payment card number that is printed on the front of the card.

If the card also won't work in another shop then please contact our support team at support@lanten4u.co.uk


My display unit shows a credit but I have no heating or electricity

In the event that you have no heating or electricity services and your display unit shows you are in credit, then the most likely cause of failure is the heating or electrical supply equipment provided by others (eg your energy supplier). Please contact your landlord to resolve this issue.


Can I change my tariff to a different one?

Lanten have been instructed by your heat supplier to apply a tariff and standing daily charge to your meter in order for running costs to be recovered for the heat network in the development. We are therefore unable to change your tariff in the way that an energy provider can.


Who is my Energy Supplier?

Lanten are not an energy provider. We are a metering and billing company operating on behalf of your energy provider.


What is the unit charge (p/kwh)?

This charge is shown on your bill or pay-as-you-go meter as pence per kilowatt hour. The kilowatt hour is the unit of measurement used for calculating the heat cost supplied to your property via the communal heating system.


What is the Daily Standing Charge?

The Daily Standing Charge is shown on either your bill or pay-as-you-go meter as p/day. This charge is set to your meter to debit the balance each day, regardless of whether heat or hot water have been used or not. It is there for your heat provider to recover their costs for operating the heating/ hot water system.


How is this calculated?

The Daily Standing Charge is taken from the fixed costs that are associated with providing heat and hot water to the whole development. They include the charges that the heat provider has to pay their utility supplier, as well as the costs for pumping the hot water around the heat system and administration costs.


Can I change energy suppliers?

It is your heat provider that negotiates a bulk energy supply for your heat system from numerous providers. Lanten are not involved in this. You would need to contact your heat provider regarding this.


Where is my Pay-as-you-go meter?

Usually the meter is located in the utility cupboard of the property. Lanten do not choose the location of the meter and it is not always known to our Customer Care team where they are located either. Contact your Housing Association or Private Landlord if you are having difficulty locating the meter.