Topping Up At Your Local PayPoint Store

Finding Your Local PayPoint Store

You can find your local PayPoint store by clicking on the link below and entering your postcode:

My Local PayPoint Store Finder

On the PayPoint store finder, your closest shops will be shown alongside their opening hours. Alternatively please look at the back of the welcome letter you would have got in your welcome pack.

What Do You Need?

To top up at your local PayPoint store you will need the following items:

  • Your payment card for the fuel you want to top up (please note that you will separate cards for each fuel, e.g. heat and electricity)
  • Cash

What Will Happen?

When you get to the PayPoint store, just request that you would like to make a PayPoint payment. Please handover the payment card and confirm the top up value that you would like to add to your meter.

The cashier will swipe or scan the payment card and process the transaction, once complete you will need to make a cash payment to finalise the payment and to get hold of the PayPoint receipt.

Once you have the receipt and the transaction is complete, the payment will be made to your meter. Please keep your PayPoint receipt as proof of purchase, also the vend code for your transaction is printed on the bottom of your receipt.

For Elec1E meters, or if the vend code has not arrived on your HeatPlus meter automatically, you will need to add the vend code manually to your meter.

I Have Lost My Card or My Card Won't Work?

If you are having issues with your card or you have lost your card, you can purchase a new card from us by contacting us. This charge is £12.50 for a replacement card, which is required before the card is sent out. 

Alternatively, the PayPoint cashier can manually enter the 19 digit payment card number if you have it to hand. If you don't have the payment card number please contact us and we will provide the number free of charge.