Energy Efficiency Tips and Tricks

We have put together some quick set of tips that may help you reduce your consumption and energy bill.

Electricity Saving Tips

  • Check if you are leaving lights on as you leave the room. Turning lights off when you leave the room will reduce your energy bill, a typical household could save almost £14 every year just by switching off the lights when they are not needed
  • Do you need all the lights on? If you have the main light on, could you switch off the lamp etc - worth just checking
  • If possible, use sensors or timers on external lights so they only turn on when needed
  • Might be worth just checking your lampshades and fittings. Dark lampshades can absorb some of the light a bulb emits and can focus the light in specific areas - meaning you need more lights on. Just check if having a more transparent lightshade would help
  • Ensure that you regularly clean any lamp shades or fittings to increase the impact of the light
  • If possible, air dry your laundry rather than tumble drying. Outside is best to prevent the room temperature dropping, or in a well ventilated room if not able to do so outside
  • If you have an electric hob, make sure you use the correct size ring for the pan size. Using a larger ring will unnceassrily waste energy

Heat Saving Tips

  • Thermal or heavy curtains save energy during the winter, and blinds can also reduce some of heat lost through windows. This particularly helps if you have draughty windows, or single glazing
  • Turn down your thermostat, but only if it is comfortable to do so. Try just nudging down the thermostat 1 degree at a time to see if it is still comfortable.
  • Make sure you bleed your raditors to remove any air, this allows your raditor to work better.
  • Don't block your radiators with any furniture or curtains, otherwise you are essentially heating these up rather than your room